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Monica the Garden Faerie

Hi Paul, I love hellebores and think GGTV is a great idea... but why would HGTV have to agree what you can do on your own website? Or do they own your content, as it were?

Brandon Gay

I'm planning a large shade garden in the future. I have been leaning toward going all green (I love monochromatic green color schemes ... they're so calming and peaceful.) But, I must admit, you're tempting me with hellebores. I think most people would prefer a little color and the shade garden will be in a highly visible spot in my yard.

Well, something to think about.

Susan Harris

great news!


Cool man!


Would you do a video on how to construct an easy rain barrel?
Thanks from a fellow Tulsan!


Congratulations GG! I almost cried when I saw you were up and running. Good luck!

Shirley Bovshow sent me over here--she's edenmakersblog.com

Shirley Bovshow "Edenmaker"

More Paul wisdom- we can't lose! Congratulations on being able to air your gardening tip videos from HGTV on your site- that was a smart move!
Shirley Bovshow


The links to subscribe to your blog do not work. Help.


These videos are really a great idea. I'm looking forward to seeing more.


Love, love, love the website! Please keep helping us brown thumb gardeners!

Kathi Beer

I miss your shows so I'm really happy to see this web site. In one of your shows you had a variety of trees in a particular bed in your yard. One of them was a skinny blue-gray tree with weeping limbs. Kind of odd looking, like a Dr. Seuss kind of tree. I want one but don't know the name. Can you tell me what kind of tree it is?

Betsy Wells

I love Hellebores and grow quite a few, especially Hellebore foetidus. I grow them in dry shade and they do quite well. When first planted they do require plenty of water. Once established they adapt to dryer conditions and I get lots of seedlings to share with friends.

Kathleen Courington

I just found your website and I love it. I have had a hard time keeping up with your TV show, finally found it one Sunday morning. I will tell three (at least) about your website. I am so glad I found you and all your gardening knowledge. Don't stop your needed. I am really excited because I have a perfect place to plant some hellebores. Its been bare for a long time.

Nancy Brent

Will those Hellebores work in cold, haven't seen the grass for all the snow, west side of Cleveland, Ohio?

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