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Monica the garden Faerie

LOL, that's pretty cool Stella knows to go in one specific section of lawn. F1 reminds me of those fun Punnett squares from botany class! I don't know from dogs--is Stella still a puppy?


Hey Paul, you always talk about have much land you have now, but I never catch the acreage. So how much land do you garden or landscape?

Sharon Knight

Hey, Stella!! (T. Williams, right? Not those Velveeta day lilies?) She looks like a friendly pooch with a sweet face. Congratulations. Nice that you laid your corgi to rest under a magnolia. We buried our beloved calico in barely-thawed ground last February and a month later planted a dark purple lilac over her. The next year, she put forth enough fragrant blooms to fill two vases. Now, Stanley the Jack Russell and our two cats always make a trip to the corner of the yard to visit her.

Susan Harris

Uh, thanks for the photos? At least she's cute in the first one.


So you decided to go with a hybrid instead of an heirloom? I guess the next question is, is she determinate or indeterminate? Whatever she is, she's cute, even though she's obviously going to seek revenge upon you for that photo.

Bonnie Story

Tee-hee!! Stella is awfully cute and dignified at all times. Always nice to hear of happy dogs in great homes. So glad you are blogging now, by the way. -- Bonnie


Welcome Stella. Hey, uh. Not sure how to tell you this Paul, but I had a labradoodle and he shed like crazy!!! It also cost a fortune to have him "groomed." We ended up buying sheep shears to clip him ourselves. My hubby wasn't too fond of him so when he went to clip him, my hubby would give him a mohawk, then take him for a walk in the neighborhood. He says it was to give the cliippers time to cool down, I say he just wanted to humilate the dog. LOL. Best of luck with the new pooch. They are incredibly loving dogs. (but also be forewarned, the lab part in them makes them dumber than a stump.)


I want a Stella. I miss my dog too. I like the sounds of not shedding and not making me sneeze. She's already got an attitude doesn't she?!

It is so good to have you back!

Sher Wittum

Paul, Stella is a doll. I have a mixed breed we adopted and we call Lilly a Shepador. LOL
Don't know what I would do with her.
I too love Hellebores and mine are still blooming in SE Kansas. LOVE EM and Stella.


Poodles Rock!

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