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If you write it, I not only will buy a copy for myself, I'll pick one up for my brother-in-law who looks like you ( same corny jokes, too !), my co-worker who is still a newborn in the gardening world, the neighbor with no qualms re: using the most toxic thing on the market to get rid of ants in his yard, and anyone else I can think of who might conceivably benefit from your garden wisdom & humor.

BTW - love the title !

Karen S.

Hi Paul:

I looked long and hard for books written by you years ago, and was sad to come up empty handed. I've watched your show for years and was completely dismayed by the time slot change. I would be overjoyed to purchase a copy of any written item you put forth. I agree with previous comments that it should be available on paper and not just web based. Some of us still need things in tactile form!


Write the book already!! Self publishing is the way to go, you no longer need a corporate middle man. I think a lot of people who appreciate your approach to gardenning, also have a great appreciation for the more organic DIY approach to life in general. You don't need genetically modified, photo-shopped sexy advertising to sell us your book, in fact I for one would be disappointed If that was the direction you chose. No Compromise! Go for it! FYI I would be willing to pay for a newsletter/blog subscription...


Dear Paul,

Yes, by all means, write a book. There is no shortage of gardening literature, but you are a personable and effective communicator. Your contribution would be welcomed by your large fan base, and appreciated by an entirely new audience. Moreover, print would let you convey information to a considerably greater depth and rigor than is possible in a 30 minute TV show.

I enjoyed your TV show and learned a great deal. Translating that into print (traditional or e-book) seems like the natural next step. Besides, a book can be taken into the garden, a TV, not so easily.


Mary Visco

Paul, hope you're busy writing away. I'm looking forward with tremendous interest in buying anything you write, anything at all, about gardening regardless of the the specific topic. I'm certain I'll learn a great deal. I'm a Master Gardener who found your shows to be "continuing education". Your web site is a gardener's blessing and I'm ordering from the linked companies. Great resources.


I am disappointed but not surprised HGTV chose to discontinue production. I got up early every Sunday and tuned in to see what is new. Finally I realized nothing is new and only see the show if I wake up. You can't imagine how delighted I am to find the website. Please keep on blogging. I love your humor and your timely gardening comments. It took awhile to discover your site but it is on my favorites list. I am a fellow Master Gardener.


It looks like you gave up on this web thing before it got going.

Why do you never post here or on your forums.


Tussie-Mussies for Justin-Bobby: Horticulture x Pop Culture

Paul! I'm sorry about this bump in the road. But the fact that the publishers found you (and not the other way around) goes to show that your success is inevitable. It's only a matter of time. FIND A GOOD AGENT. www.agentquery.com is a marvelous place to start. You have a vast advantage already having a publisher interested and onboard, especially in this economy. Find an agent whose interests match yours, send an email, describe the book in a catchy, interesting way and explain the situation. A good agent will help editors realize what you're truly worth. Suerte!


I’ve read almost a dozen descriptions, of varying lengths, of what happened last October/November. They all talk about near-death experiences for various big name banks and brokerage houses. Ho hum. I’m still not convinced the world-as-we-know-it was about to go down the tubes.

Colleen Vanderlinden

Love the title, and good for you for turning down the offer. Your audience (yours truly included!) loves your show because of you and your personality -- "trendiness" be damned :-)


I might buy your book; if it's written on organic paper, uses organic ink (color and/or black and white), and there were no animals harmed or maimed during the writing and publishing process (the maiming of plants might be acceptable, depending on variety, i.e., Canadian thistle, poison ivy, Giant Hog Weed, kudzu, etc.).

(And if it's true that you "like to sit down" when you pee.")


I've been gardening for many years, but there's always more to learn. I would also buy your book. With your knowledge and sense of humor, it'll be a great book. Tell us about your mistakes. We can all learn from that. I know it'll be awhile, but I'm looking forward to getting it.

jane husser

i am so sorry to hear your show won't be on any longer,why? it is the best gardening show out there,and you are so enjoyable.I have learned so much about gardening, outside, inside , in pots, in water, on & on & on. i hope you write a book. but i hope to see you on tv again,soon! I will totally miss our sunday mornings together. i always tvo'd you.
from - jane on long island.

robert bornstein

Dear Paul,
That was an interesting post about publishing. I am writing a book about horticulture therapy. I wonder where it will go, only time will tell. The publishers tell us what to write now,it's like a garden center telling us what to plant. However, we want to make our own decisions since it is our yard.

Robin Horton

Consider self publishing your book. Often once a book is published in that way, a publisher will be interested and make an offer to you that is more than doing you a favor. An e-book isn't a bad idea either. I heard at a recent GWA meeting that having published a real printed book greatly enhances one's chances for obtaining speaking engagements and such. Keep us posted on your progress!


Paul, I so enjoyed your programs. I lived in Bartlesville OK for a while, for what that is worth! I was quite involved with the Art Assoc - came up with some good meetings!

I would love to have a book authored by you.(One that isn't spit out and the photos purchased like those Taylor guides) How about something like "Gardening by the seasons" - and by that I mean the seasons of our lives. How does gardening change as we age? I have some ideas, some people have no idea.

Carol Pentleton

Paul - What about writing the book and publishing it yourself through CreateSpace? The cost to set it up is absolutely minimal - just the cost of one proof copy (usually under $10) plus shipping. You'd have a softcover book that would sell through Amazon and you could easily add a Kindle version. It could be the book you REALLY want to write, you could write it on your own schedule, and there's no doubt it would sell well - just look at the comments you're getting about this!

BTW, I'm not associated with CreateSpace or Amazon, but I have used them successfully. The quality is excellent (the better your input, the better the result - you may want to enlist the help of s book designer) and the turnaround time is a matter of days.


Paul, so many of us have been inspired by your show on TV and I am sure a new book would be a great present! Out here in Arizona, I have gone Xeriscape, but still will be planting a veggie garden in the spring.

Sue H

As a textbook author I can certainly relate to the pittance that publishers pay authors for months and months of writing and editing and editing...and editing. Paul, all I can suggest is wait for the right offer or self-publish. You have the name and the clout. If anyone could self-publish and have the book sell, it would be you.

Neal Breeding

Long time fan of your show and tips. I agree with what has been mentioned above, look into self publishing. I have some friends that have done this, one even got the first book published with no out of pocket expense (and they sold them through Amazon among other places). So much marketing can be done on line through social networks you shouldn't have a problem selling them.


Hi Paul,
I've been a fan of your show since it first aired and am totally bummed that it's not in production anymore. Gardening is the number one hobby in the US and not to have quality gardening shows available is such a shame. In fact, it sucks. HGTV should rename itself Real estate TV. I hated their Rose Parade coverage without you. I don't want a cutesy suntanned Australian . . .I want PAUL!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaa


PS: If you work a wizarding school or a trek through the garden with Professor Robert Langdon into your gardening book the publishing world will sit up and take notice.

John Koalblas

Paul I have enjoyed your show--its information, humor, and wisdom. I even rose at an ungodly hour on Sunday morning to catch your show. Please write the book; write the way you want to. To be a first-rate Paul James is far better than a second- rate publisher's hack; there are far too many of those in the gardening book world. I will miss your face on tv, but I am eagerly looking forward to reading your book.

chris bates

I'll buy it! Paul, you have always had the best advice that is down to earth for real gardeners. Now when I watch other shows, and seem them planting trees or placing large trees right up against a house I cringe. My wife has a degree in landscape architecture and we built a new home and had a blank slate for the front and back yards.. in Arizona, so I took your xeriscape advice and we have a beautiful blooming Desert Garden! I love watching it mature and know that in 5 years it will only look better and better.

thanks for everything.. as soon as your book comes out, I will buy!


We are fans. My wife will buy your book for her Kindle - I'll take an e-copy or paper if that's what is offered. We have watched since HGTV first aired your program and lament the loss of quality gardening programming - especially yours. Perhaps you should consider developing a sense of humor?

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