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Monica the Garden Faerie

Hi Paul, welcome to the online world! My own thoughts on why gardeners use synthetic products... I think a lot of people view gardens as an accessory, not a hobby. Which is fair enough, I guess. Not everyone can go overboard in the same ways! Except it also means they want them to look nice all the time, like new shutters or a patio set, with little maintenance after installation. They want a product, not a process, and they're in the mindset of buying products instead of spending time in their garden. By which I mean, lots of people spray before they even see a problem or treat their lawn because all the neighbors do. If you view the garden as a living ecosystem, that you tend and spend time in, you're more in touch with what's going on and less likely to randomly spray. (Unless you're a tom cat. But that's another story.)

Jessica Manning

I am so happy about your web site and your blog! Way to go Gardener Guy! Many thanks to you for all the information you've shared!

Shirley Bovshow "Edenmaker"

Hi Paul,
It's great to see you launch your own website and extend yourself to the gardening community. We love you and appreciate your entertaining humor and useful gardening information.
I hope to be a regular visitor to your blog and keep up to date on all things "Gardener Guy."

I'm posting about your new blog on my blog and will send my readers over to you!

Your fan,
Shirley Bovshow


Great first blog!! I'll be a regular reader :-)

Thank you Paul! Your site is awesome.

Kristy to work on my own yard

Seth Paridon


Great to see you online! My wife and I have watched your show religiously for years! Your garden designs have inspired me to landscape my new 1/2 acre as much as I can with a new baby boy on the way (due this June). Keep it up and come to New Orleans for our Fall Garden Show in New Orleans' City Park this fall!

Colleen Vanderlinden

So, so happy to finally see you on the web, Paul. Your method of not distinguishing between organic and synthetic products is a very smart one--one I'm going to adopt myself, I think.

I'll be a regular reader! Congratulations on the site launch.


Welcome to the Web Paul! We've watched you for years in our home and always wondered why you didn't have a site. We will wonder no more!

I stopped using any synthetics years ago and use very little of any kind of fertilizer. I amend my veggie beds with compost each year and use grass clippings all over the place as either mulches or soil ammendments. I love having a mower with a bag! If the message spreads like the polygonum in my yard, you are talking fast, very fast!

BTW, Green Day to Pavarotti, that's quite a range of tastes!

Katie Elzer-Peters

Paul, welcome to the world wide web! Glad to see you here!

I swear to God I didn't read your blog post before I wrote my blog post last night, but we're thinking along the same lines, and you've started to answer my question: how to wean people off their chemicals in a nice, non-confrontational way. I will incorporate your methods!

Cheers to Gardening!


Good advice on the herbicides. I look forward to reading your blog on a regular basis.

Karen Pluta

Truly glad to be able to "talk" to you in this way. Good luck with your website and this blog, which is now on the top of my Favorites list!


Karen in Delaware


I can't tell you how happy I am to find you now have a website and blog. As a fanatical watcher of your show for years, I can finally get more of The Gardener Guy! Great first post, and keep them coming!

Toni Evans Truetken

Hi Paul, I am your cousin Toni from Warrenton, Missouri. (Carolyn's daughter). I am excited to see your new website. My husband and I have been fans of your show for years. We have 7-1/2 acres of land and share a 30 acre lake with 16 neighbors. Bob and I have stared a vineyard and make our own wine. I see you enjoy port. We make an orange chocolate port that is unbelieveable. We started a small orchard and should start getting a good fruit production next season. Last year we planted two long rows of blackberries, raspberries, boysenberries and blueberries. Every year we plant a 30x40 vegetable garden and I can whatever we don't eat or give to our 4 children and 4 grandchildren. So far our biggest dilema is landscaping around our house. We have almost nothing and are a little lost on what to do. Will have to watch more shows on that one! What organic solution do you have for tomato worms and worms in our corn. In the past we have sprayed them but prefer not to if possible. We have a home winemaking and vineyard management website I would like to share. , Missouri Valley Wine Society. Please check it out. Great to see you on the web! Keep up the wonderful work that you do.

John at JWLW

HI Paul, Welcome to the world of Garden Blogger's. You have joined a unique society of Folks that some consider weird and nuts and we are. Looks like you are off to a good start with a great Web Site.

Have subscribed to your feed and will be checking on you from time to time.

Good luck with your new venture hope it all works out well.


Tessa at Blunders with shoots, blossoms 'n roots

And a great first post it is! I think your right in how you approach it- suggest the least offensive first. People would be amazed at how non chemical ways work, if they'd just try them. I've had a great time with poke weed and one year some migrating birds came through loving the berries off my neighbors patch of them, impolitely dropping the little seeds all over my garden- that was a few years ago and I'm still fighting it in my perennial beds- funny how they like to come up right in the middle of a beautiful plant I've worked hard on! So how did you deal with poke weed?

So glad you have your blog up and running! Happy gardening to you :)


Delighted to see your blog here, Paul. Welcome aboard ... you're in for a treat!

Billy Goodnick

Paul - welcome to the world o' bloggers. Good to have your hear. Just threw a link to your site onto my site. I love your writing style - irreverent comes to mind. We need more vinegar in the land of garden blogs.

I'm also happy to see some peeps I've been running with - Monica and Shirley - hanging out with you. Keep up the good work.

BTW: I think our blogging names might confuse a few folks, but they'll get over it and I'll be sure to give them directions to you if they stumble into my site by mistake.


Oh yes, more like this please!

People buy RoundUp because the company's that use it are still maintaining it 'biodegrades' and leaves the soil within seven days.

I had one of those spray on lawn guys stand in my driveway for a half an hour trying to convince me it was true. I was half amused, half homicidal. I finally made it clear to him that I was going to live with my lawn of clover, henbit and sedge, and that was that.


Paul, I'm so pleased your online! Now, I just need to convince my husband to not use Weed n Feed on our grass!!!


So thrilled to see you finally have a website and a blog Paul. I've been watching you for years since I moved here from Australia, over the years you have inspired me to garden organically (long before it was a trendy buzz term) and eventually become a Master Gardener. When I was looking for a career change I turned to horticulture some years ago and have never looked back.

I'm sad to hear you will not be making any new episodes but I am certain you will pop up with some new, exciting project that we will all love.

Much luck with your new endeavors and thank you for the years of inspiration, entertainment and gardening joy. I will be reading your site and blog with much interest.

Kerry :)

The Gardener Guy

Thanks to all of you for the kind words. It's very gratifying to know that you're willing to follow me from the tube to the web. You all inspire me as well.

And a shout out to my cousin Toni! I haven't seen you in years, but I look forward to trying your wines.

Sharon Upchurch

Paul -- I just discovered your Blog. I'm kinda slow. I have watched you for years. Thanks for doing this. I'll try to keep up better in the future.


Yea for you GG!! and us for having you back! You are going to do extremely well. I'm adding you to my blog asap.

Mary Grace

I love that your on line.
Could you give a few sugestions of the products you use for many of the garden issues. (a list of actual names)
For instance; what insecticidal soaps do you use?


Hey, we missed you! So glad to be able to hear your always interesting and informative perspective on many gardening topics. Thank you for being once again accessable, Gardening Guy!


So glad to see this blog! I started googling you because on last weeks HGTV episode, I saw your arm in some sort of borg/mechanical contraption. Thought I would scan around and see what had happened. Then, in that episode, you mentioned you would be moving. More curiosity! Now, I am thrilled to find the blog, but seriously disappointed to find that the show has been cancelled. What is wrong with HGTV anyway? Oh well, thankfully we have your blog and your humor available whenever we more getting up before the birds on Sunday!:)
Best wishes and many thanks!

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