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Tessa at Blunders with shoots, blossoms 'n roots

Right on! So glad you have a blog along with your site! We've all been waiting :). I used to watch you on HGTV (when they were showing great gardening shows anyway!) and you always had such great gardening advice- now we have your blog!

Nat Huck

Oh, thank you so much for starting a website and blog of your very own! Your show has been such an inspiration to me, if it weren't for you, I'd still be using miracle grow, yikes!


That rain sounds eerily similar to what we received this past week. Over a 36 hour period we had about 6 inches. Not fun! I'll be raking the mulch from the yard just like it sounds like you'll be doing. I posted a few pictures of it on Saturday, part of the yard flooded.

Stay dry!

Garry Erck

paul - i have been a big fan of yours for years. i am sad to hear that GBTY will soon be only reruns - your show was eagerly anticpated every week (first runs and re-runs). i had heard scuttlebut that you would be leaving, but sad to find its true. i have added you to the blogs i follow and will keep up with your garden travels that way. glad to see we arent losing you permanantly - you are just changing venue!

if you get a few spare cycles - check out my blog:




My daughter ( age 10 ) & I love your show & are bummed it will soon be only re-runs. However, we're celebrating the website - one can never have too many garden links !


I'll say ditto to many of the comments on this site. I've learned many things from your show and expect to learn many more from this site. However, the one thing I do do, yea I just wanted to say do do, with the knowlege I've learned from your show is share it.

Susan Harris

Looks like your fans are starting to find you, so congrats on this blog and the whole website. Also thanks for multiple doses of link love! S

Wicked Gardener

Hey! You've finally joined us the blogosphere. Maybe we can start teaching you a thing or two? Doubt it. :D


Congratulations on your new website Paul, and welcome to the wonderful world of garden blogging!

I've been a fan for years, especially since Gardening By the Yard is the only garden show my husband a/k/a Lawn Man will watch with me, and he even enjoys it.


If you think rain is a pain to a gardener... imagine the beekeepers. We're in the height of nectaring season and the bees are stuck in their hive.

By the looks of things, they'll be(e) there all week!

You're in tornado country, so keep an eye to the sky and stay safe, Paul. Good to see you online.

Re: yesterday's post: we use glysophosphate sparingly--only for weeds like poison ivy, where it would be treacherous to pull due to allergies. Otherwise, we have honey bees and strangely enough, honey bees love weed flowers. Hubby is not allowed to mow the clover!

Monica the Garden Faerie

Hi Paul, Wow, that's a lot of mulch to lose--I haven't had to pick that out of lawn, but I have had to pick out gravel (neighbor, snowblower, good intentions, bad results!). I'm at the end of a down-sloping street near a creek, so I also get a lot of run off, but it doesn't get the crazy rainy here very often.


Seems like you have some really extreme weather in your part of the country. Sorry about the mulch. Seems like at least once a year something happens to make sure we gardeners stay humble.

Congratulations on the launch of the new Web site. I'm enjoying exploring it and now have the added bonus of having a new Pinot Noir to try!

Elizabeth Stump

Just found out your web site is up through GardenRant.com. YEAH! Glad you decided to join the 21st century. ;) Sorry to heart there will be no new shows after 2009. Oh well, at least your show wasn't absconded by a new host and neutered of any practical information.

If you ever do a blog on sub-surface drip emitters, I am certainly curious. Living in the S.F. Bay Area, we had a bad drought last summer, so between my husband running over my plastic sprinkler heads with the mower and a hike in water rates, I let my lawn die. It's still without irrigation and is sprouting up as a weed patch. Before I re-sod, I need a new irrigation. I find very little info on sub-surface drip emitters, so if you could so a post on them, I'd love to read it.

Keep on gardenin'!


I'm so HAPPY to be able to read you if I can't watch you on TV. You were one of the only cable shows I missed when we had to economize and cut cable.

(I like Susan too!)

btw: Here in Houston, my back yard got 11 inches in less than 14 hours.

Sharon Knight

The dogs peed in the house? I'm laughing so hard because our so-called fearless Jack Russell also refuses to go outside in the rain. When desperate, he'll creep close to house staying under the protection of the eaves and do his business in, get this, my lovely little corner shade bed filled with autumn ferns, and (expensive) shiny-leaf ginger. So far he hasn't hit a target. I don't have the heart to shoo him out, so I just watch, cringe and hope.

I've always loved your show and am very happy you have a website. HGTV's lack of real gardening shows is pathetic. They should change the G to R for "reality." Boo on them!

Ricky Fitzpatrick

Paul, what a thrill to find you online. I've long been a fan of the show and was tickled to discover you on the web. Now I can get my PJ fix any time. :) All the best to you for continued success. I'll be following you with great interest. Peace From GA...Ricky Fitzpatrick

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