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John at JWLW

HI Paul: I just tried to enlarge a view of some of your photos on this post, they enlarged ok but when I tried to close it down and go back to the post the post shuts down. Don't know what to tell you to fix this but there is a way because other blogs work ok.

Your blog is shaping up good keep up the good work,



*Laughing* I like the way you water plants! I decided to move my vegetable and herb garden into pots this year on my balcony. Now they are much closer to my kitchen!

Thanks for posting your pots.

John at JWLW

HI Paul: I don't know what changed but I now can enlarge a photo and then return to the blog with no problem.

Have a good evening,

Brandon Gay

My wife and I have the same debate about containers. I do most of the gardening at our house, but my wife does like to help me plant containers sometimes. I like one plant to a container, she likes to cram as many different plants, colors, etc, as she can get into them. Must be a male/female thing.

I am curious about one thing...All those clay pots in the hot Oklahoma summer...Do you seal them with a water sealer? I love clay pots, but they cause the potting mix to dry out so quickly. I know some people use a Polyurethane water sealer on their clay pots, but I have not tried this myself.


I love terra cotta, too. My plants just seem to grow better in a porous container like terra cotta. I also think the color goes good with everything. I mix fresh peat moss in the old potting mix every spring and that way I don't have to water as often. For winter (zone 5) storage, I let the soil dry out in mid fall and then move them into a barn.

Monica the Garden Faerie

I love containers--they can brighten up a drab spot or really add a relaxed or vibrant mood to an area. I just don't grow many myself as I'm not so good at watering them all season. (It's good to just accept certain things about oneself!)

The Gardener Guy

The porosity of terra cotta is one of its main attributes, so I don't seal the pots. Yes, it does get hot here in Tulsa, but most of my container plants are shaded in the afternoon. That's good for the plants, and for me as well, because when I water late in the day, the ice in my beverage doesn't melt too quickly.

Brandon Gay

Yeah, that makes sense. The porosity is great for drainage as long as they aren't in full sun. I tried growing herbs in terra cotta in full sun one year. During the summer, I sometimes had to water twice a day. The herbs didn't mind, but I sure did. I actually enjoy watering, but I enjoy it significantly less the second time in the same day, no matter how tasty my beverage.

Bigger containers help, of course, so plants don't become root bound and instantly soak up all the water. However, 14 inch terra cotta does get expensive.


I want to be one of those gardeners who maintains a million pots of plants. In fact, I do have quite a few for my small space, but I'm just too lazy to keep them watered! I was thinking of trying those blown-glass looking watering globes that Walgreens is selling. I think they are rather hokey, but hey, if it works...

Accidental Huswife

I love containers too! But I tend to neglect watering them and have a hard time keeping up in hot Texas summers. Perhaps I should try it with a pleasant beverage in one hand. :)

June Veloce

Paul, could you please label at least some of the photos with more than a photo number?
I think I recognize most of the plants, like the hydrangea and shrimp plant but some I'm sure many of us aren't familiar with.
Thanks and I am SO loving your blog and your TV show on HGTV!

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