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Good luck on your fishing Paul and hope your weather is great. Hubby and I do the catch and release thing also. If it is a nice size fish, we'll take pics.



Good for you for practicing "catch and release." I have fond memories of fishing with my dad as a child....but now I couldn't bear to even hook the worm. After all, they're our gardening buddies!

Deborah McGuire

Just found your blog - it's a hoot. Enjoyed hearing about your family and gardening trials and tribs in our fair city of Tulsa, USA.
I have been a big fan of yours since 1996 when I lived on Grand Cayman Island. I was terribly homesick for the USofA and watching you on the telly was like chatting with my best gardening neighbor back home - including the accent and twisted sense of humor.
So anyway- now I too live in Tulsa and am a recent graduate of the Master Gardener program thru OSU. I would like to invite you to the Master Gardener Showcase Tour this weekend (fundraiser for community service projects). Our garden is one of five homes featured on the tour. Heck, I'll even spring for a couple of tickets for you if you're interested. I'll be watching your blog for your response.

Dale Cruea

Hey Gardener Guy help me please.
My wife has a rose of unknown type. She just said it was supposed to be a ever blooming. Should bloom all year. The problem is that it will not bud. She said it budded and bloom once the first year she planted it then nothing after that. The rose is about 10 years old and looks healthy. I have transplanted it to my yard and it is growing well but not buds. Can you help me? Ol' Dale


Dale, try posting your question in the gardening forums in the 'flowers' section. Looks like Paul is on a long fishing trip.


Ahhh, the Buffalo River area. I have been thinking for years that I need to buy a handful of acres up there. My partner and I like to fish and love the mountains. I think when we met and I told him I fished he didn't think much of it .. a girl fishing...whatever. Ha, to this day I continue to catch more fish than he does. We are great fishing buddies!
Just a few months from now it'll be fishing time again!
Wooo Hooo!


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