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Fabulous! Can't wait to see it later in the year.

It seems appropriate that your kids are artists and scientists, they are lucky to have such an involved and interested Dad. :)


I can only imagine how excited you must have been considered I nearly did back-flips when my grown sister called to ask me about starting her first garden.

I just finished removing a huge hunk of my lawn myself and man you are not kidding. It IS hard work! I also just built 6 new rasied beds, too.

It's so nice that your kids had a person who knows about gardening to help them out. Unfortunately, I'm self-taught and boy have a killed a lot of plants!


Congratulations on helping the next generation turn green! Hope your expectations aren't too high though cause sure as bermuda grass sprouts they'll either get bored with it or get too busy,BUT maybe not! Here's hoping for a Not!


Sounds like fun was had by all, and what a lovely post. Congratulations on raising two nice, smart kids. And gardeners to boot!

Maureen Barber

I have just starting reading your blog with great interest. I have been gardening in my present location for the past 42 years and have no intentions of moving. I have never heard of granulated castor-oil. Where do you find it? Is it only attractive to moles or to other creatures that do damage in the garden? What does it do to the moles? By the way I am a Canadian gardening in southern Ontario. My town is a pesticide and herbicide free area. That alone creates problems for avid gardeners.

The Gardener Guy

Granulated castor oil, sold under the trade name Chase, among others, is fairly easy to find these days. There's also a liquid form, but I think the granular product works better. It doesn't harm the moles. It merely sends them over to your neighbors yard. I select you choose the neighbor you don't really get along with, and we all have one of those, don't we?


I can hear the fatherly pride just ooze from the page. Well done.


What about that one daughter named....Hannah I think?

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