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This isn't entirely on-topic, but I found your website when I joined your Facebook group and read the discussion about you and HGTV. Someone linked to your response on your site and here I am! I just want to let you know that I thoroughly enjoy watching your show and I hate to hear that it's no longer in production. I do understand, however, your feelings that it's time to move on and do something a little different now! There will still be much to enjoy in the reruns. Glad to hear that your arm is doing better. I had wondered what was going on!

Best of luck to you...and I'm glad we'll still be able to keep up with you a bit via your site.



Aw crap, I find your blog and then at the same time learn your show is no longer in production. Not a happy camper here. Will try to be content with reruns which I record. I had used your show as "learning hours" for the Master Gardeners program till my back made me drop out.
Love your fun,but always informative approach.
Glad your arm has been glued back together.It sounded ghastly.I will be following your site. Good luck.


"the connective tissue snapped, which caused my bicep to curl up toward my shoulder" Ack! Just had a sympathy pain here. It's so interesting for me to watch the show and then have real-time updates about it here!

I too feel the affects of certain activities on my body and remember the segment you did on stretching prior to gardening. I pulled my left trapezius muscle once last year and once this year, and now I do specific stretches and exercises to loosen and strengthen my neck and shoulder muscles.

Maybe another primer on common gardening aches, pains and injuries is in order? I hurt my trapezius while kneeling on the ground, digging with my right hand, and supporting my upper body weight with a locked arm/shoulder. Not good! I stretch it now by jutting my chin forward and making the infinity sign with my chin. Doesn't feel like much does it? When you've pulled the trapezius and you try it, it feels like a lot, trust me.

Anyway, thanks for the blog updates, you keep writing and I'll keep reading! :)

Chris S.

I started gardening about 4 years ago. My partner and I bought a house and added a pool. I badly needed some landscaping but didn't have the funds to pay someone. Truth is, I was afraid of paying a lot of money to someone else and then not being satisfied with the results. So through trial and error, I am learning how to garden. Your show was the only source of gardening info that I could find on TV, and I'm still watching all of your shows. Gardening has changed my life in ways I never imagined. It is teaching me patience and most importantly, it has shown me that things are not always perfect and that I need to accept life's imperfections. Thanks for all the inspiration that you've given me.

P.S. I thought your arm brace was the result of a karate chop gone wrong.....trying to break too many bricks at once. haha I'm glad you're feeling better!


By the way - the "Patti" and "Tricia" posts above are switched. I'm Tricia and I made the 9/20 comment, my link is www.greenfreak.net, not thenewsixty.blogspot.com.

Perils of having a common name? lol

Anyway, I came back to check for new posts and to comment on today's show. You were talking about using a scrapbook for your plant tags. I do something similar - but I use a binder that has removable sheets, and plastic inserts for CD-ROM's. That way I can see both sides of the tag, so I don't have to remove it. But if I do,it's pretty easy. I snip off the blank bottoms of the tags to make them fit better.

I organize mine by location, not name. Each section is used for each bed. I make either a hand drawing or a computer drawing (using Microsoft Visio) of where everything is and latin and common names. I even match the ink colors to the leaf, flower or berry color. I linked an example of my latest Visio diagram. Hope this helps!


My school-aged kids - normally fascinated by your show (no joke !) - are now very concerned about your arm. Hope you are healing well !


wow I don't think I have ever seen so many impact guys go on the IR this early in the season. tough breaks for some fantasy owners (me).

Muscle Building Guide Guy

That is crazy! What has your lifting been like since? It's scary to think of those kind of freak accidents happening!


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Account Deleted

i appreciate you about your job.I think you have got long term whiplash injury in your arm.you can take the help of whiplash injury.Best of luck for future.

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Congratulations!i appreciate you about your job.I hope you will continue and in future will not get any accidents.


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