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Monica the Garden Faerie

LOL, I've always sucked at self promotion too and am very uncomfortable doing it. But sometimes it's embarrassing to watch someone really good at it, too. I like the subtle approach.


My uncle is a former marketing professor for a Big 10 college in a cheesy state and he sometimes jokes about advertising and promotion today fitting in to one of 2 categories: none or shamelessly.

By the way, I just finished reading through all of your blog posts and I must say that your fan base will find you on their own terms or time spans. I know I did. Thanks for having a website for all of us to visit and for sharing your experiences so we can all cultivate our collective gardens. That was supposed to be something more profound, but it's almost 10:30 and I'm beat. Work with it.


I am so excited to finally find your website and I must say, thanks to the wonders of my DVR I don't miss a show. Hopefully HGTV will continue to air past shows now that the show has been canceled. Posting a link to the site on social networks should help increase traffic as well. Congrats on the new site and I hope to be writing with questions/comments soon. Thanks Paul!!!


Hey Paul! I'm so glad to have found you. I've had your website bookmarked for a while now and just decided to look at your blog. You'll be a daily check for me now. I'm glad you're here. I'm not glad that your show hasn't been renewed. I'll continue to enjoy and learn from past episodes. Thanks for those!


Paul! I am so glad you finally have your own site too. I also feel a little uncomfortable with self promotion, but it's necessary if you want to get anywhere. I have a small gardening and craft site myself and know the amount of work it takes. I make money from ads and I have some items in an Etsy shop, so it pays for this little hobby of mine and enough extra to have to pay Uncle Sam...LOL. I would be happy to post a link on my blog and website for your site. Swapping links is a great way to get noticed. Don't ever change Paul...you are the best!

Trudy P


I posted your website on my Facebook. The viewers should start pouring in. :-D Hope you have DVD's in your store when it's up.... my DVR is FULL!!!


Brandon Gay

I completely understand why you stopped doing the Living with Latin section. You probably don't have the time to be a Latin tutor. And, I can also easily see how visitors probably preferred to take in your other content over a Latin lesson. I enjoyed the section very much, but maybe that's because I'm weird.

That said, I just wanted to tell you I appreciate the work you put into it. I think Latin plant names are very important because common names vary so much. Latin keeps gardeners on the same page.

The Fine Gardening Latin Pronunciation Guide is a great resource and I use it frequently. But, I loved your Latin pronunciation tutorial. In fact, I printed it out and the next time I can't spit out a Latin name, I'll work my way through it. Maybe eventually I won't even need a Pronunciation Guide.

Sheron Taylor

Yea! I found your site. I have enjoyed cooking your receipes and your sensible gardening tips. I am frustrated by the lack of how-to shows and hope you can make a go of this.
Thanks and good luck. Sheron

Roberta Voss-Pelayo

I'M SOOOOOOO HAPPY ! No one has been more disappointed with HGTV for burying your shows at 4:30 AM than me, so when I saw the recent article in Fine Gardening and noticed your website address I suddenly felt "saved". I've been watching you since I was a "young" wife and mother of 32 yrs. old (I'm now a young 53 yrs old!) and can honestly say you have made me the gardener I am today! My weekend fix of Paul James gets me up and going into the yard, creating a place that makes me proud and truely impresses my friends! No matter how many times I see the same episode, I still learn something. Whether I'm "re-learning" it or just being remineded of the importance, I appreaciate every minute you share. Great idea with GGTV! Now I know you'll never leave me!
Love you ALOT.


I'm so excited that you have a website that we can go to, when my weekly fix of your show on HGTV isn't enough ! Great work !

Valarie Huegel

Hi Paul,
There was no point in watching HGTV anymore when I could not find you there. I'm so glad our paths have crossed again. Love your style...never change!


So glad I have a place to go where the word "GARDENING" doesn't cause a stampede for my door..Thanks and I agree with a few of your fans..You helped make me the gardener I am today..


I just discovered your website, and posted it to my facebook friends. Here's hoping the numbers increase!

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