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Susan Ashworth

We need the book! I will buy the book as soon as it hits your website.

Arkansas Patti

To write what they wanted you to write would have been a bloody chore and probably not that good. It would have been forced. Write what you want and sign me up. Include veggies please.

Seth Paridon

BRING IT ON!!! I've been waiting for a Paul james book for friggin years. Do it dude, you would sell a pile.


I'd buy it!
I hope you can get your jokes to translate nicely from the show to book format. They are one of the reasons your show stood out!


Works for me! You have some much information to share I'm sure it would be a success. I like books where the author speaks from his or her personal perspective.


Sounds like good ol' traditional media at it's finest to me. Good for you to turn it down. I love that you blog and wish you the best of luck with all of your endeavors.


Count me in as a buyer if you ever put a book out there. I have many of them but my two favorite gardening books are The Complete Garden Flower Book (for inspiration and hard facts with great pics and easy to read information) and Trowel and Error. That one is the kind of thing I'd picture you writing. Lots of great information gleaned over years of gardening, casual, humorous, and somewhat whimsical.

I think it's a great idea, Paul. :)

Barbara Shaw

Go Paul, I am a bookoholic. Can't get enough. Screw them. You go dude


I'm on board... waiting to buy your book!

Bill Abbott

The publishing world is totally out of touch with the public, that is why the internet and internet publishing will make them as useless as companies who make buggy whips. Good luck with your endeavor; I will look forward to seeing it.


The title is perfect. Not sure how you would incorporate your humor in the book and how it will fit, but that's completely why I watched your show!!! I look forward to the final product.


I'm so excited that you will be publishing a book on your own. Count me in line to buy it. I'm sorry about your disappointment with the Powers that Be. I would have loved a book on the chemicals industry. I would have eaten that up!

Fran Casey

I've watched as long as you've been on HGTV and learned most of my gardening stuff from you. There's so much information. I think you need a series of books.
I don't agree with "on-line only" as was stated earlier. I want something to take in the garden with me, to crinkle the edges of and highlight at will.


That is a great title!


I can't wait for your book! You should write what you want, the publishing industry in this country has turned into a joke. Good luck!


I would want two...but please be sure to put some of your personality and humor in that book !!

J. Warren

Searching for a book by you is actually how I came across this blog! I assumed you must have had at least one book out by now. When I was shopping for my mom's birthday last month I did a search hoping a Paul James book would pop up on Amazon or something. Had to come up with a different plan for a gift, but that's okay. As it turns out, I shared the blog with Mom and she spent the first half of her birthday enjoying your rants. How's that for a silver lining?

Jean D Bailey

Hi Mr. James, Jean here... Gardening saved my sanity thanks to my brother, my father, and your show on HGTV. In a few words, took early retirement to bring mother home from nursing home, had no interest in "outside" life, brother made me a raised garden bed, bla bla bla. Mother gone now, brother too suddenly, and again my gardening helps me deal with grief. Thanks Mr. James, thanks for your show, your website, your blog, and hopefully "Gardening by the Book".

Geri Freitas

Hi Paul, I am looking forward to your book based on your concepts of gardening, not a publisher's. How about submitting a book proposal to publishers Sunset Magazine or Dorling Kindersley (kd.com) in the UK? DK published a great book titled The Complete Book of Bonsai by Harry Tomlinson (now out of print). I enjoy your HGTV show Gardening by the Yard very much and always learn something new--even from the reruns. Keep us posted!


We've been begging for a book for years and will take it where we can get it!! We've been doing regular checkups online hoping to see an announcement of a book, and found this! We've been big fans of yours since the beginning (our kids are huge fans, too!) and would love a hard copy of your wit and wisdom! You changed how we garden and, in part, how we looked at our food!


Great title! But I'm glad you didn't take the deal and won't be "writing by the book" but writing in the same way you would garden. I'll buy it!


Hi Paul~~ First time visitor here. I've had a bit of experience with the publishing world and, sadly it's all about selling books. [Love the buggy whip analogy comment.] An agent who promptly turned down my query signed a romance novelest to a three-book deal. It seems that quality takes a paltry backseat to what sells. [Not that my proposal was perfect, but come on...] I hope when you complete your manuscript you will feel psyched enough to once again query the editors [or agents]. Maybe Timber Press whose specialty is gardening genre. Love your title, especially if it comes with a somewhat subversive subtitle, such as "My book, not yours." or "My somewhat subversive thoughts on the subject of gardening." Definitely a best seller. --Just my two bits.

Doc in CA

Paul, by all means write the book. Great title, by the way.

However, do look into self publishing for e-book use. First off, sales for the Kindle are booming and many other e-book readers are coming soon. Even better, self publishers get a MUCH larger piece of the pie as opposed to writers who go the traditional dead tree route. You can even set your own price for the book. Finally, e-book publishing would probably still allow you to put out a print version.

Regardless of which way you go, I'll be buying the book whenever it comes out.

Mark Carter

I am deeply saddened that your show will no longer be produced. It feels like losing an old friend. You have been an inspiration to me over the years and will be truly missed. When you said you were selling your house I became suspicious but hadn't had the heart to find out for sure until now. And yes, I will certainly buy your book.

Donna Long

Dear Paul

I read your article on the last page of Fine Gardening magazine (Dec. 2009) and was inspired. I even tore it out to refer to over and over.

As a writer and gardener I think my future is in interacting directly with my readers through the Internet. Your experiences confirm this.

So, write the darn book. I'll buy it and promote it on my websites.

A longtime fan,

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