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M. M. McGrath

Gardener Guy, allow me to introduce you to the concept of Blogging Without Obligation. Here is the original post on the subject: http://www.tartx.com/blog/?page_id=233

I subscribe to your blog, so I know when you update it. I always enjoyed your shows on TV because you were clearly in love with your subject. You love spending time in your garden and in the kitchen. Blogging gives you the opportunity to share what you love with others who love the same stuff, but if you don't have the time or aren't feeling particularly eloquent, don't sweat it.

Post some photos when you feel like it, of your garden or of your cooking. I like photos. Don't write any more apologies, they are not necessary. Write when you think of something that you would like to share. That will be perfect.

Monica the Garden Faerie

Paul, I've been a writer for 23 years (alas in Corporate America) and...dagnabbit, I'm burned out, too! There is *no way* I would update my blog every day--or on any set schedule--I only do it when I feel like it. Otherwise, for me, writing to deadline feels like work that I'm not paid for, LOL! There's certainly an aspect of popularity to blogging--some people just have the energy to be more "out there" and thrive on comments and feedback--and bless them. I'm more of a independent loner and while I love the friends I've made in Blogland, I don't need the daily hits (as it were; it can become addictive). So my point is (yes, I have one), only blog when you feel like it! (As someone who is self-unemployed as well, it's interesting how time gets away from one... I say, enjoy it! Who knows how long it will last.)

Gage Girl

I too am gainfully unemployed after being laid off. I have no idea where the day time goes! Well, except for that time I spend looking for a job. Blog when you can. I probably wouldn't read your comments every day anyway. Life goes on....


No need to apologize. That's the nice thing about blogging, you can write on your own schedule! As much or as little as you want. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your gardens through the blog.

Rob Wagner

I REALLY like the forum portion of your site and REALLY wish more people would just post anything they want to discuss, it's interesting to see other people's problems and sucesses are.


Go green! Recycle your written work! Or, just snap a few photos of your garden or cooking "work" and post them.
In my opinion, it's also OK to post links to other areas of your website (or links to other sites). Some of us do subscribe via a blog reader, so we don't necessarily poke around your site much - for instance, I just discovered your monthly plant pick. Post about new updates! Post about old stuff that might be interesting for the season. Linking into your own site might also increase your ad revenue. :)


Agree with everyone, no need to apologize. No reason you can't dip into the past subjects on the show and post them or update them. I wish I could say I've seen every show, but I know I haven't and without Tivo or a DVD set from HGTV, I don't think I will!

You could also tell us what you're doing in your own landscape, perhaps with a few photos here and there. It's interesting for me to virtually visit a climate different than my own. Plus, you've fostered a feeling of personal connection in us through the show and the site so it's more entertaining than you think for you to share. :)

My 12th grade english teacher used to tell us, when you don't know what to write, there's only one thing to do. Just start writing. Soon, you will see it go somewhere. :)


Don't fret Paul, us fans will be here to read when you have the time to write. After so many years of your show I doubt any of us are going anywhere. Thanks for all your efforts.

Jan (ThanksFor2Day)

Hi Paul, I'm so glad I stopped by tonight! I've been thinking about the same issues re: my own blog! I don't get paid to write and really just do it for my own enjoyment. Since I've made cyber-friends and blogging buddies, I do feel a little bit like I should write fairly frequent posts. But, it's usually the case that my muse is on vacation when I think I 'should' be posting. When I'm not thinking about it, that's when the muse comes for a visit! So, just do what you normally do, and when you feel inspired--write a post! You are in a better position than most of us, as your 'fans' probably aren't going anywhere even if you don't post for a while;-)

J. Warren

I agree with others who have suggested recycling old material. What's old news to you, may be new to us, and certainly new to folks who haven't seen all your shows. Have fun. Let your blog posts be jumping off points for stimulating conversation. Many times the comments on blogs are as interesting as the blog posts themselves. They can even become fodder for future posts. Anyway, thanks for all your efforts thus far, Paul. Can't wait to see what you come up with:)

John Holley

Paul - I have GREATLY enjoyed your shows over the years. I haven't read all of the above comments, but you have had s many topics over the years on GBTY, why not pick those you have greater heart-felt interest, and expand on them.

One in particular that I would like for you to expand on is the segment you did on "Stump Gardening". I so enjoyed it that I have started several of my own in the backyard. But I am in a quandry over what plants to plant to enjoy the continual garden while keeping it visually natural and not OVER DOING it.

Also, anything more in detail with regards to maintaining Bonsai would be helpful. Following your suggestions I bought a Juniper in the Spring and created a Bonsai from it, triming the limbs and roots, planting it into a shallow pot and wiring the limbs for molding the tree. It looks great since removing the wire today, but now what do I do to maintain the shape, new growth, health....

Please keep us posted on your next public venture, book, tv, or whatever.

Always a fan, John


Paul-Just write when you get a chance; I,too,am interested in any information you can share dealing with bonsai


How about what to plant in the Fall- more unusual options that mums!! Also, how about maintenance in Winter and planning for planting in the Spring. I am simple- just would appreciate anything!! You are brilliant and made me want to garden in the first place. Please keep sharing! Thanks!!

Gunpowder Tea

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His comment being just glorified it was cheap and unbecoming of a peoples representative. I am ashamed and disgusted at such behaviour from our irrespective of which party they belong to.


You could share some recipes with us. I not much on cooking, but my hubby does a lot. I'm the grower and he's the cook. I look forward to a new entry in your blog whenever you get the chance.

robert bornstein

Hi Paul,
We are gardeners and feel more comfortable getting dirty in the garden than sitting in front of a keypad and screen. I am also new to blogging, websites and social networks. My blog and website came into being over the summer. I blog only about twice a month and keep the verbage shot and the visuals strong. People love photos. Fee free to visit my website follow my and blog! Its all about horticulture, therapy and much more.


Hey Paul,

No need for apologies! We all have busy...and not so busy lives. Writing requires inspiration to be authentic. As for ideas, how about sharing some recipes?

Garden on!

Claremore, OK


HI Paul: Your right you suck at posting, but you are posting once in a while and that means you are learning. I started my blog a little over a year ago and still have trouble posting but I am learning and getting better with each post. I recently started a little self study on how to blog and write. Boy have I gotten an awakening. Suggest that you reevaluate why you want to blog and then what your blog is about and go from there.

Enjoy the Holidays,


hi Paul. Another fan who says 'no need for apologies'


No apology...but please drop a hey to let us know that you are still there.


Paul, you say that after so many years and so many shows the well has run dry. But, remember, some people are just getting into gardening or missed your early shows. Any info you share is worth hearing especially those basics. I miss your show, we taped and watched every one. In fact I have some stored on my DVR for when I start my gardens this Spring.
Thanks again



I totally understand what you're going through. I've had my own gardening blog for several years and haven't posted in a couple of years until recently. I now will be posting at least once weekly. I tend to see what kinds of conversations my online gardening friends have and try to write about those subjects. I also post on my own blog asking for input from my followers. It's a long road for me, but I'm positive I'll get to the spot I want to be someday!

I look forward to reading your future posts and hope you'll take the time to check out my blog as well.

Happy gardening!


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