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Wow, I'm sure glad the cold temperatures didn't dip that low here in TN! Beautiful picture though. Congrats on Spencer's wedding! Best wishes for the happy couple!

Claire Scully

You've set me free! If you haven't found a hose nozzle that works, than who am I to even try? My frustration now ended, I will now just consider the purchase of two nozzles per season as part of my annual gardening purchases along with my seeds, annuals, bone meal, epsom salts, etc. Thank you!


Thanks for the blog! :)

I was watching Ellen last week and she had a segment about Triscuit crackers and their home gardening efforts and I said to my husband, "OH! That must be what Paul was talking about!!" and he said... "Paul who?" lol Yes, I talk about you like you were my friend.

I was excited to see it and wondering how you were involved. I hope we get more details soon. When I was a kid, my mother used to make us tomato soup and triscuit crackers with cheese. Very fond memories of the product!


LOL that's about what our house looked like in Dallas - Texas, the only place you can get all 4 seasons within a week. (I'm sure you can say that in OK, too!). It's so weird to hear about the kids being so grown up already. We've watched them since Hannah was a wee tot! and now she's off galavanting the world. They grow much too fast! And now..looking at my two ... I'm thinking the same thing.

Cheryl Schad

I am so happy to have found you again! That is a pretty picture of your Koi pond! Thanks for taking the time to keep us gardeners informed and entertained. Miss your show, personally I think those people are nitwits on HGTV. After all, they got rid of your show.
Best of Luck to you on all of your endeavors!

By the way, we just moved from So.Cal. to eastern Tennessee, Riceville, to be precise. Now we have to learn about gardening here!

Gardener On Sherlock Street

Same thing happened to my garden Friday. March can have every season except autumn in one day!

Kelly H.

They say if you don't like the weather in Oklahoma, wait around a few minutes and it'll change! At least they said that when my family and I lived there. (8 years in Tulsa and I still think of it very fondly.)


I'm so glad to find this blog and Paul's webpage! I can hardly wait for the book.


Hi- I saw you at the Home and Garden Show in Maryland - thank you for a great Q&A session! And your website looks pretty cool!

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