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Ben Thomas

Glad to see your back. That is a lot of traveling nothing like home sweet home/garden.


That's awesome, Paul! I can't believe we just missed you in Allen! ACK! Our life went wonky that weekend and we weren't able to go to the H&G show...and didn't even know you were appearing. But we'll catch you in Dallas for sure!

Excited to hear about the book and coming prospects - good to see you back!

shelia dempsey

I've just found this website and I'm so excited. I would love to know more about the trip you're planning to the Baltimore area. I want to thank you for all of the gardening knowledge you have passed on and all of the humor you put into gardening. Please keep it up.


I hope HGTV does bring you back. I can't honestly say I watch the channel anymore. There's only so many interior decorating shows I can stand, OK so there's not really any! Bring back the gardening. Good luck on your book deal!


Hah! I chuckled when I read "Yummy!" because I can just hear your voice saying it.

I'd love to hear about upcoming shows to see if I can make one in my area. I met you years back at one at Hofstra University in NY and it kickstarted my gardening hobby in a whole new way. I recently got a DVR and was very happy to record your show, only to find that they stopped showing it altogether! I'm a bit miffed at that. Ok more than a bit. Especially with spring right around the corner.

Look forward to hearing more, Paul! :)

Inez Warren

FINALLY!!! You're finally back!!! Its been a LOOOOOOOOOOONG winter. I was surprised you were able to plant anything up there this early. Here in central Florida we are still having frost and freeze warnings (currently 37 degrees as I write this). Needless to say, we are all going crazy with cabin fever; having lost most--if not all--of our tropicals and anything that couldn't be moved indoors. I can't wait to get back in the dirt! Keep us posted on your schedule.

Marty Peart

Thanks so much for the years of enlightening entertainment. I learned so much practical tricks from you and your crew. Thank you. marty /Occidental, California


Triscuit crackers topped with goat cheese are my all-time favorite snack! Sounds like a great opportunity for you, Paul. Sorry the first book deal didn't work out, but it sounds like another is in the works. You know what they say, "One door closes, and another one opens."


Really glad to see you back. I missed you in Milwaukee. You should have a schedule here on where you're going to be and the dates. I really enjoy the gardening forums here, a lot of good people just wanting to help each other. Hope you have good weather for the rest of your appearances!


Dallas?! where? when??

Barbara Seaforth

I am so relieved that you posted to this site and that you are probably going to write and publish a book. I will definitely buy it. I had no idea your show "Gardening By The Yard" is no longer in production until I googled a couple of weeks ago. I had been checking the future listings looking for your show as it was a harbinger of spring for me when I would see new shows start up each spring. I was quite depressed to see that not only are there no new shows but they are no longer rerunning existing episodes of your show. I wish the shows would come out on DVD.

Thanks so much for helping me over the years. I started gardening in 2000 and my yard is now crammed with plants. I went for biodiversity/specimen plants rather than groupings of a few types. Without your show I would not have been too successful with keeping my plants healthy, but with the advice you gave I have been very lucky. Thanks again and I hope you come to Michigan sometime soon.

Gardener On Sherlock Street

Welcome spring and gardening! Looking forward to reading your website through the season.

Claire Scully

You were the best show on HGTV and I watched faithfully every Sunday morning with my coffee. You were the only gardener on that network and the only true gardening teacher on any network. They left a big hole in their programming by eliminating one of their best shows. I think I read somewhere that they said only old people garden. Well, I have been gardening since I am 20 years old, passed the bug on to my daughter who is 37 and am currently inducting my 4 year old granddaughter. She planted her tomato and pumpkin seeds yesterday. Talk about the potential for brand loyalty. This network is nuts! I think I'll go eat a Triscuit now.

Carl Thomason


I really miss your show! My yard is a mess and you would always give me
inspiration to 'go forth and garden'. I hope your family is doing well. I just found this web site and will be an ardent follower. I hope you have time to complete the updates to the site.

HGTV no longer has a soul as far as I'm concerned. It should be called the construction channel. There is no longer a garden in the name.

Kim Boyce


Sheila Wills

Woohoo! I'm so glad to see you're here. I've DVR'd your show for a time and have sorely missed it. But I must say that I love your website more. It's like having your gardening wisdom 24/7...without having to wake you! Thank you so much for giving of yourself as you do. You give the rest of us gardeners hope that we can accomplish so much. Thanks Paul!!

Sheila Wills

By the way, try Triscuits topped with a smear of cream cheese and topped with a spoonful of Tiger Sauce. Tiger Sauce is a little hot/spicy/sweet. OMG, this is delish!

Elizabeth Rabon

So glad I found your website. My husband and I really miss your shows on TV. He has taped a few and looks at the often. We learned so much from you over the years. We even enjoyed your cooking show.


I'm so glad I found your website and blog. Post some pictures in your blog, please. I'd love to see what's currently happening in your garden. It's easier for a gardener to bog with pictures than with words.

I stopped watching HGTV. It's no longer about homes and gardens. I miss your show. Good luck with the book and the Triscuits

Pam M.


Good to hear from you again! I'm bummed you haven't come to Chicago, but maybe for the book tour....?

I really miss watching your show, and honestly, don't watch much of anything on HGTV anymore. I do hope they bring you back. I learned so much from you!

Good luck with all your projects, and have fun gardening this year!

Pam from Palatine IL

Petra Cox

Sure do miss the Gardening By The Yard Shows. They were the best thing that HGTV had going for them, hands down. Sorry, but it is true. Have not watched their programming since they dropped the show. Had DVR'd the segments and my DVR crashed! Now, I am left...without. I really wished that you had control of the shows and could publish them season by season. I'll bet that you would have a following there! I would buy every season!
I live in Okla. City and the show was pertinent to the climate here and relevant, I feel. You need to make a come back. We miss you!

Kelly H.

Too bad my parents and I can't get to Baltimore! We lived in Tulsa for 8 years and used to watch you on KOTV. We live in Northern VA now (though my dad and I would rather be back in Tulsa) and were upset when HGTV cancelled your show. Hope you come to the DC area sometime. Really cool that you like classic country too and that you got to see Ricky Skaggs! Ricky Skaggs and classic country is one of my favorite types of music! We can't wait for your book to come out!

Phyllis Patton

I am delighted you have a new publisher and can't wait for the book. (I am 70, so don't take too long to finish it)! Phyllis

Patricia Emery

Just found you here on the Internet, and am GLAD I did! Your calendar doesn't say where you'll be in Dallas at the end of March... is it a public welcome gig or what? Missed you in Abilene by just a few weeks... wish I had known sooner! We moved to Texas just a couple of years ago and this Spring is my first chance to REALLY try my hand at gardening here!!! Needless to say I can cetainly use all the help I can get...

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