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Tim Villegas

This sound awesome...can't wait to get on the website when I get home. The site is blocked from my work.

A friend of mine in Austin, TX has partnered with something called The KorpophoreĊ Project. Basically it is a place to teach the community how to farm from their land/urban areas. Here is there info if you are interested.

Glad you are blogging again...hope your seeds do well.




This is a great way to partner with the, Paul! I was having visions of Rachel Ray part deaux...and am so glad to see that this is the direction you're going with them. We've been hugely influenced by you in our own home 'farming' methods, and glad to see you're back in the public eye influencing this great movement!

Bonnie Story

I dig ;~) the difference between farming and gardening, good distinction! I'm heading over to that web site now. I have some great pics of our 2-acre, 3-family "megagarden" that has done so well for us. Cheers, Garden Guy!! Bonnie

Gardener On Sherlock Street

Awesome! We love home farming, gardening and Triscuits. Each year, I try to squeeze more edibles into the yard. Cant' wait to see the progress on the project. Have fun with it!


I just got my little salad garden going.. 3 types of lettuce, bell peppers and heirloom tomatoes. It's not large but it is fun to grow our own food.


Popping in to say thank you. I just read the "ingrate" post. I'm new to your blog, but so happy that I found it. I may be the last GBTY fan to realize what went on an entire year ago. It seems that I've been attempting to DVR your show for a few weeks now but (at least in my area) not even the re runs are showing. Major bummer. However, I'm really glad you're still out there, and glad you're feeling better. Hang in there and keep the good stuff growing outside and inside the blog too. Mahalo.

Subhas chand Judnarine

Hey Paul, I loved your show on HDTV on Sunday mornings.My wife and 4 kids would all stay glued to the TV for the two back to back shows. Sadly,I have not seen a hair of you since until now...god bless my eyes...you are the first guy to make gardening funny and cheerful, and we all love you for it. to tell you the truth, you so inspired my family that we set up a nice little nursery in my yard and we manage to make 200-300 US$ every week. So you see Paul, your show has helped us. That extra money that I make in my spare time is saving me from financial ruin and I can now buy stuff for my kids-15,10 3 and 1. thanks again Paul...I live in sunny Antigua W.I. and if you ever get this way, give me a holler so that I can shake your hands and look into the eyes of a true Master.

Cindy Regnier

Paul, how happy I am to see you, I have missed your show soooo much, it's all real estate anymore, aargh. I learned so much from Gardening by the Yard and now will be visiting you here...Tomato Lady


Hello Paul,

I was kinda shocked to learn that HGTV dropped your TV show. My wife loves your show and even though I am not a gardener, I have to say that I enjoyed watching your show too. You mad the show entertaining and I give you allot of props for that. I have seen other gardening shows and we would always laugh at how lame they were in comparison. We used to record every show of yours and I checked tonight to see your latest show and saw that the last one in S. Florida where we live was in January of this year. Wow, where have I been? Anyway, I told my wife about your site and this blog and she will probably be reading some of your stuff soon. Well, keep up the good work. God bless.

Mike Hutchinson

Good afternoon Paul. I've missed you Sunday mornings with my coffee and cats in the sun-room we call "The Jungle". I would still get up by 6AM on Sundays to hopefully see another "Gardening By The Yard", all through the winter nothing. But then joy, rapture and elation you're here! I e-mailed the web site to all my gardening pals, friends and family members. He's back, he's back, thank goodness he's back. Best of luck and thanks for all the help and encouragement over the years. You teach and we will pass along what we learn. Isn't that what it is all about?


Well, sadly, my box of Triscuits was missing the seed packet but that's ok. I think it's a great movement and I regularly buy Triscuits because of their simple ingredients and no corn syrup! So, I will be sure to double check my next box for those seeds because I am in the middle of expanding my potager, or kitchen garden, or shall I now say home farm! I thought it great when I read the box and now that I know you're part of it, even better.

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How sad I was to realize your show had been canceled by HGTV. I understand the reasons, yet you'd think we'd all be clamoring to the TVs on Sunday morning with our hot cup of whatever. You ruled and I listened each week...totally delighted. Glad to find you here, and I hope you are well and happy. Your website looks great, and looking forward to its evolution as well. Thank you for everything wisdom you imparted. Your enthusiasm has been infectious. I have been gardening/farming, in one form or another, for the past 40 years and it has been great to have your ideas and wit by my side. This is truly HGTV's loss, as there is NOTHING else available in the Boston area to match what you have produced. Get the book done!!! Peace to my dear brother of dirt and beauty!

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Sounds like a great project! I like Triscuit too, and free seeds always sound good.

Pat Hubert

Love the sound of the new project! Naturally!
I too have seen the unfortunate evolution of HGTV -- or as we say the real estate network... but I have never thought of you as a sour grapes kind of guy! So onward and upward. As so many others have said, my entire gardening philosophy was shaped in large part, by you and your show. Even my husband enjoyed gardening tv, when you were the host!
TV misses you and they are missing the boat without down to earth, real life gardening!
Maybe you should pursue a strictly online/web tv program!? We are just about ready to cancel our Direct tv and go totally web based programming anyway!
We're behind you Paul!

Mark Alan Cantrell, Esq.

Are they paying you in money or Triscuits? And is it pronounced tris-kit or tri-squit? And will you change your moniker to The Cracker Guy? Inquiring minds...

chris bates

cool, I am in!


We're in too! My husband and I live in a historical district.
We have replaced the old and dying dogwoods with fruit trees. Shady and tasty!

Rachel @ Dog Island Farm

That is so great! I'm really behind the homefarming movement and actually own an urban farm with not only vegetables but livestock as well.


I'll check out that site. I'm looking at a box of Triscuits right now, we always have a box nearby it seems. I'm glad to see you're online. I see HGTV has started running older shows again, which I always DVR and watch to find new tips. Your one about using cooking spray on the weed eater string really came in handy just a few weeks ago.

Farming for fun

We replaced our flower garden on the south side of the house with a vegetable garden this year, and are enjoying a bumper crop of fresh veggies this year.


Paul, I sure miss you on HGTV! By my reckoning, there are no longer any garden shows at all on HGTV, just landscaping contests and interior decorating shows. Hope the new Triscut project works well.

Mike the microfarmer

When I first saw the TV spots for the Triscuit Home Farming movement, I was really interested and at the same time puzzled. What the heck does Triscuits have to do with growing your own food in an urban farm setting? I never figured that out, but since it does bring attention to something I myself do and everyone in the country should incorporate in their lives, it's got to be good. I'm smelling a trend...

Alicia Croland

Hi! I just wanted to say that I miss your new programs. I still love HGTV. However, there is very little to do with GARDENING on the network these days! I really miss your sense of humor!!!!

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