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Hey Paul:

I am new to your blog can you help me out I would like to know do you know of any Iris trader's or seed trader's near the South side of Indianapolis.

philip lemmons

http://afloristintheforest.blogspot.com/ Hey Paul, - AKA: "the gardener guy", We miss you, so we can keep in touch with you this way, huh.(~:> Take care,
Philip And Karen
The container gardening couple

Karen is the florist at Epping Forest Yacht Club in Jacksonville, Fl.the gardens there belonged to the DuPonts. It is a fabulous place. Come and visit us.

Paul James

Sorry, Terri, but I don't know of a source in your area.

Paul James

Phillip -- if I'm ever in the area, I'll look you up.

Karen Williamson

Gee, every time I check in I hope to read that you have a new TV show in the works. I miss all the little tidbits that only someone doing the work them self passes on without a thought. I also miss the plants you introduce that are so much more interesting than the numbing list used over and over on the so called "gardening shows" that HGTV puts on in prime time.( Even those show are few and far between.) HGTV should change it's name to Real Estate TV.
Will continue to check out the site for news. Really miss the show.
Karen, a Jersey gardener

Jackie Miller

Hi Paul,
Been missing your show, kept trying to find it, but thought it was just me.
I like ass aspects of gardening and flower arranging. Look forward to visiting your site often. :)

john learnard

Mr.James, I have a saga palm that has produced shoots (small plants) from the bottom close to the ground (2) can they be removed safely and planted as new plants without damage to the original plant. In South Carolina these plants are very expensive would like to get a couple of free ones. Help if you can.
John Learnard


Dear Mr. Paul,

You have lost me. I loved your show but really dislike your blog. I have had hope for months something would come and you'd get on board and share your wonderful information and wit, but no dice so I respectfully give up. I hope you come back and really make a go of this.

My best wishes,

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Has anyone used Instant Flower Garden?

Naomi Thomasee

Hi Paul, I am hoping now the growing season is winding down we might get to read more from you. Hint, hint!
It is a long and pretty much gardening free winter here in Iowa, made worse by the fact I used to live in much more temperate climes, I know better!
Is there any other source for Paul James-isms out there?
Oh, I think I found the top dressing you carefully disguised on one of your shows, its made right here in Iowa! I was proud of my sleuthing skills.
Regards, Naomi


I sure miss your show. It was informative and entretaining.Hope to see new episode online.



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